How to fall in love again with your partner

φορμα μαρ 2011Even after many years can we go out with our partner as if it is our first appointment and leave behind all the negative traits of the past.

Relationships are like children. They need constant care to evolve and grow. As we offer a solid foundation to our children in order to grow properly, the same must be done with our relationship.

The stages of relationship

A relationship develops and goes through various stages. In the beginning we feel enthusiasm, then love and afterwards affection. At this point routine appears something which is normal as time passes by. It is reasonable that difficulties arise in a long term relationship. The question is: how can we cope with them.

The importance of communication

Communication is very important in a couple. A relationship grows properly when respect, honesty and trust prevail.These basic elements and love help a relationship to stay alive.

The revival of the past

A relationship will grow when both sides reconstruct its meaning. What has happened from the beginning of the relationship till now, what our relationship mean for us, what we can do to improve it and what made us love each other are important factors to remember. Thinking of all the good moments you shared with each other will definitely make you see how precious partners  you are!

Mutual acceptance and retreat

A very common complaint in long-term relationships is that our partner insists on doing things that irritate us. The phrase “you will never change!” is often said when quarreling with each other and you wish your partner was different. This happens because you didn’t pay attention to the things that annoyed you from the beginning of the relationship. Moreover when you are deeply in love you usually display your expectations to your partner. But when you start to see your relationship in a clear way then you  recognize the advantages and disadvantages of your partner. The mistake here is that you are trying to change your partner while you could discuss how could you get along .

Renew your relationship

Love and affection are feelings that could be lost in time if there is no feedback and not expressed in practice. Saying “I love you” isn’t just enough…

  •  Don’t take your partner for granted. On the contrary you should discover new things about each other.
  •  Express your feelings in different ways. Surprise your partner, send flowers, buy a gift, write a card or send an email reviving the romantic moments of your common life .
  • If you have children take a break and spend a few days with your partner. However hard it may seem at the beginning you will definitely return more relaxed and rejuvenated
  •  Renew your vows or take a trip and enjoy a second honeymoon.
  • Take a trip to the place you met, an evening stroll on a beach or Lycabettus Hill, if you live in Athens, and tenderly embrace your partner under the stars.
  • Share a common activity that pleases you both. A hobby, a sport or even a bath.
  •  Don’t do things out of obligation. Change your daily routine and your habits. For example, If every day you eat at a common time, you can once make this meal special without a reason.
  • Don’t neglect yourself. Taking care of yourself is essential because it boosts your confidence and helps you keep your relationship alive.

Do not underestimate the sex

Certainly passion can’t be as intense as in the beginning but a good sex life definitely brings the couple closer. You should therefore try new ways that can satisfy you both. Make sex in unusual places, even if that is in the kitchen of your house and not in your bedroom.

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